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The Chichester Workshop is made up of Aidan Hart, Martin Earle, and Jim, in association with Chichester Cathedral. You can find more details on our website here:

Alongside the Chichester Workshop’s day-to-day work undertaking commissions across a broad range of traditional media, we offer an education programme that includes both practical artistic training and theological engagement with the principles of Christian iconography.

Working in association with Chichester Cathedral, we seek to revive the place of traditional liturgical art within Christian worship.

The project began in 2022 with a residency in Chichester Cathedral we called The Art of Worship.

Saint Dominic mosaic

Photograph by Russell Sach

Within the Art of Worship project, Jim was working on a mosaic of Saint Dominic. Saint Richard of Chichester was trained by early Dominicans and the life and vision of Saint Dominic remain central to the Cathedral Church's life today.

Pictures above and below illustrate the final stages of mosaic construction. There is an accompanying set of lectures on the spiritual senses and the liturgical arts here.

Photographs by Vivien Ruddock

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