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Icons are signs of love.

Whether a particular icon depicts Christ himself, his mother, the saints or the angels, all icons express the universal love of Christ - for every person, irrespective of faith or religion.

Love is the dispassionate (apatheia), selfless surrender to the being of things in the course of which their inherent logoi or actualizing reasons are revealed and seen in their integral being. It is this holy singularity that Christian art is called to realize within its own domain.

Cornelia Tsakiridou, Icons in Time, Persons in Eternity

While icons have their prime role in the sacred space of the worshipping community, they also have a well established place as portable objects in the lives of families and individuals at home. Accordingly, people buy icons for different reasons: for a church, as gifts for families or individuals, or for themselves.

For further information, or to explore the commissioning of an icon, please make contact here.

Icon of Christ crucified
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