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Knowledge and Experience in the

Theology of Gregory Palamas

Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, New York, Wien: Peter Lang, 2018


‘This book questions the extent to which knowledge and experience can be reasonably, if at all, separated in consideration of the divine. Gregory Palamas’s dynamic patterning of unions and distinctions provides the context for a response to this question in which the breadth and depth of human functioning is explored - from the body to the passions to the intellect. In the course of close analysis of Palamas’s writings, the author presents from Palamas a thoroughly apophatic and an iconic mode of understanding the whole human person so as to mark out a fully integrated theological anthropology.’


The book is on widely available for sale online.

Contents and short extracts are available on the publisher's website here.

Saint Dunstan Icons publications
Saint Dunstan Icons publications


A chapter entitled ‘Reading Denys in late Byzantium: Gregory Palamas’s Approach to the Theological Categories of “apophasis” and "union and distinction”’ in Eugenia Russell, ed., Spirituality in Late Byzantium: Essays Presenting New Research by International Scholars (Cambridge Scholars Publishing,  2009), pp. 45-55.

For more information from the publisher, see here.


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