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Mullering pigment for paint
azurite 1_edited_edited.jpg
web0 paint 1.jpg
web0 azurite 2_edited.jpg

A particularly enjoyable part of the process is preparing pigments by hand, whether from vegetable matter such as charcoal, or from minerals such as azurite. 

Almost all the pigments used are natural.

Blue and gold cross_INRI_edited.jpg

The luminosity of the colours of the icon depends upon a gradual building up of thin layers of pigment bound with egg yolk (the egg tempera method).

Blue and gold cross_feet_edited.jpg

And also...

Not directly applicable to iconpainting, but something fun to do if you have access to an oak tree: the galls from the oak tree, heated and mixed with iron sulphate and a little gum arabic, make excellent traditional ink. 

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